Welcome to the Magic: our Kingdom of Dreams, Emotions and Sensations

This is the place where senses in your bodies and creativity of our minds go hand in hand spreading smiles and emotions at every generation, turning normal brands into touching, sensational brands. Such powerful sensory experiences create true emotional engagement in consumers.

As you might imagine, our brains filter irrelevant information. Emotion gets our attention through out senses – which then influence our decision-making process. Brands that create an emotional connection to consumers are much stronger than those that don’t – it’s as simple (and complicated) as that.

We are smart enough to create powerful brands from the scratch, as well as to reinvent and grow organic the existing ones in a unique, authentic and distinguishing way. We are strategic minds, creative souls and we understand the minds and hearts of Your consumers! As well as we reveal the true essence of Your brand.

We create delightful brands that engage peoples’ souls in memorable ways!

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What does your brand smell Llke? Yes, you read that right—not look like, smell like. Because according to Scent World, research shows that marketing that employs a sense of...

Office Branding

Interviu cu Raluca Vasile, consultant in branding. martie 2016 Pentru început, trebuie să știm să facem diferența între brandingul personal și cel profesional pentru că… sunt diferite. „Brandigul personal...


Strategii de branding multisenzorial in retail @ BIZ Retail Revolution 2015   Retail Revolution 2015-Raluca Vasile-Smartbrand from Gabriel Barliga

Raluca Vasile consultant de brand , comunicare si PR

In spiritul premiilor FIBRA ne vorbeste in randurile urmatoare si Raluca Vasile, director de strategie si managing partner al agentiei de branding, comunicare si design Smartbrand. Ea spune ca exista un potential...

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