10 lucruri cu care am ramas dupa ce l-am ascultat pe Karim Rashid

sticla Karim Rashid

10 lucruri cu care am ramas dupa ce l-am ascultat azi pe Karim Rashid.

Concluzia: omul e din VIITOR, e multizenzorial, e uman, e empatic.

Diseara imi pun pantofii ROZ, bratara o am deja :)

1. Agenda of Design is BETTERMENT, not beauty. Artists are for beauty, artistist are selfish, desiners are human.
2.Design means designing with all SENSES. (Vedem ce inseamna asta la afterparty cu dj Karim Rashid).
3. Designersd are shaping everyday LIFE, THE PRESENT AND THE FUTURE.
4.To create PHISICALITY you compete with DIGITALITY.
5. Design is HUMANITY. Unveiling ACUTUALITY is human.
6.FREEDOM is less (MATERIALITY), THE LESS we have the more free we are. And that less is the digital world.
7.95% of our BUILT world is DEPRESSING.Phisical things are obstacles in our lives. Phisical stuff gives people the feeling of immortality. That the more we have , the more we live. And many want that lie.
8.The world is STILED not designed, it’s kitch, a copied replica of authentic. Design is the future, the authentic vision of our present and future lives.
9. We fear INDIVIDUALITY. Instead, we should have in mind that one individual can change the world. That is the DIGITAL WORLD. Individuals have the POWER to change the world.
10. Designers are CULTURAL SHAPERS.That is because designs provides SAFETY, CONFORT and PERFORMANCE to our present and future lives.

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