12 Strategies to Increase your Personal Brand

 “Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow.

The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” Abraham Lincoln


For personal branding without basic branding criteria based cannot be a common practice , as your personal brand is more than image, PR, media exposure, is more than an empty shell. Your personal brand means uniqueness, values, essence, relevance, reliability and consistency. Positive reputation comes only as a result of the manifestation of authentic personal brandand of the consistency of both what you say and do. Role models must change in Romania and the time has come.

Personal Branding should mainly answer to two questions:

  • What would be the three attributes that you want to develop in the coming period?
  • In what way do you think they could contribute to increase the value of your personal brand?


Here are some branding techniques that can increase the value of your personal brand :
1 . Expertise – what it is that you do best?
The more accurate, more precise, more competent your knowledge  in your field is the more value you can create.
2 . Positioning as an expert – are you known by your audience?
It’s not enough just to know things, but it ‘s important be perceived by the others ( your audience , customers, partners) as an expert .
3 . Skills – how do you apply what you know?
One thing is to know how to swim in theory and another to know how to swim for real. And the more applicability you give to your knowledge, the more value you have .
4 . Productivity – what you finish, what you bring to an end?
5 .
Efficiency – how you did the things you brought to an end?
What resources and how did you optimize the resources to achieve the objectives .
6 . Effectiveness – selection of opportunities , the existing options
How well you focused on achieving goals , how you prioritized their implementation.
7 . Organization multiplier – how do you get different results other than through your own, manual work?
8 . Influencing – what can you to influence others ?
What a leader you are and how persuasive you are.
9. Relationship – who you know?
The network you have access to matters enormously , 90% of prosperity comes from networking.
10 . Celebrity – how well you are known in your industry?
11 . Reputation – what others know about you?
It’s not enough to be famous – it takes your celebrity to be positive.
12 . Vision – what you see that others don’t?

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