International Nyeleni Conference for Food Sovereignity 24-30 October 2016

Between 24-30 October The International Conference Nyeleni 2016 tookplace in Cluj, Romania.
Main topic of the event was Food Sovereignity.
The Event was organized by Nyeleni, Via Campesina and Ecoruralis Romania with the support of Slow Food Romania, local authorities and local farmers, who volunteered to support voluntarily with local products and help in the delegations camps kitchens. The international delegates had the opportunity to taste local Romanian cuisine and products from Transilvania such as “Zacusca”,”Sarmalute”, “Ciorba radauteana” , beans, potatoes, local fruit jams, honey, meat, porc sausages of the Romanian species mangalita, and the famous “plum palinca” from Transilvania.
Conferences, debates, workshops, video projects and simulations of local campaigns in multilingual teams were held in each of the 5 days of the happening.
We also visited local micro farms in the Cluj area in Rosia Montana, Alunis or Neajlov, whereas local peasants befriended with international peasants of Via Campesina delegations.

Over 700 delgates , ONG and peasants associations from more than 38 countries all over the world were invited to debate on the actual themes and sign a petition for food suveranity to be handed to the European Parlaiment in order to get more financial support, respect for peasant and women working the land in small farms. a petition for less industrialisation of lands and trade accords that give privileges to large retailers and upport the local micro farming instead, as a source for every country’s wellbeing.
Each country stated a petition with main social and agricultural issues to be signes and voted for in the forums.

Romania’s petition was a statement of solidarity with the Romanian peasant
Romania has 4.7mil peasants, accounting 50% of the EU’s peasants. Though 70% of these small farm holders are not registered for EU Common Agricultural dirrect payments, falling below the threshol in spite of the fact that farming and food production is an important part of their lifehood. Another issue is the situation of kids growing alone without their parent who left aborad to work for a decent living. They are often subject to depression, school abandon and psychological disturbancies, without posibilities to be treated and cured in the countryside, where there are no such specialists.
It was a very inspiring event, we me the delegations of Slow Food from Germany, Turkey , Cluj and Bucharest and discussed posibilities of future collaborations and shared experiences in our countries.
Here are some photos on our FB page Slow Food Valahia Gusturilor to show you the atmosphere and positive spirit of the event. slowfoodvalahia/posts/ 1435947516435222
Slow Food Valahia Gusturilor Bucharest Delegate
Convivium Board Member

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