Lobby si consultanta internationala pentru producatori la Terra Madre Torino

20 de ani de Terra Madre #SaleonedelGusto #Torino, cel mai mare festival european de arta, cultura si istorie gastronomica ce aduce impreuna producatori din toata lumea. Romania va fi reprezentata anul acesta de porcul de Bazna si branza de burduf din Transilvania.

Intre 22-26 septembrie Raluca Vasile, managing partner & senior brand consultant Smartbrand Consulting va fi acolo in calitate de delegat oficial #SlowFoodRomania, blogger international si oficial de presa food & wine.

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This year we will be reporting directly from #TerraMadre #Turin.
Colors, smells and flavors from all over the world, with over 60 chefs from the restaurants, osterias and canteens, all brought together by their support for the food communities, using products from their native lands with creativity and passion. That’s the Terra Madre Kitchens! A mixture of languages and culinary knowledge with characteristic dishes from every corner of the globe, each recipe a journey. Come and discover the spices of Africa, the bright colors of the East, the intense flavors of South America, the specialties of Europe and the best gastronomy of North America & Oceania…



Terra Madre Salone del Gusto Torino Raluca Vasile Ambasador Slow Food Romania, Consultant de brand, Jurnalist de food& wine

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