What does your brand smell Like?


What does your brand smell Llke?

Yes, you read that right—not look like, smell like.

Because according to Scent World, research shows that marketing that employs a sense of smell is exponentially more effective than mere visual presentation (but don’t tell that to a graphic artist).

It’s not that the things we buy need to be scented, necessarily, but that environment associated with them should be. uthor of “Predictably Irrational,” Dan Ariely, discovers that “to a large degree, we get tempted not by the smell of the object, but the smell of the place more generally—things like the atmosphere.”

Think back to the last time you walked into the lobby of an upscale hotel, or into a chain boutique, and you may have noticed something particular that appeals to your senses. Increasingly, businesses are becoming aware of the power of aroma and are using fragrances to appeal to their customers. Scent can help to create a more welcoming environment and, when it comes to corporate chains, can contribute to appeal to consumers’ memories by creating an experience that plays into a business’s branding as well. There are many ways that aromatherapy can be used for marketing purposes, so consider these facts when thinking about the way that scent marketing can influence a business.

First and foremost, fragrance can be used to create an environment that a customer will want to stay in for longer. The smell of food, for example, can make a space feel much more welcoming. Warm bread, vanilla, cinnamon, and the like all contribute to spaces that a customer will want to spend more time in while browsing for items, and may even spark their interest in purchasing more items while they are there. Fresh bread, coffee, popcorn, and other items can see sales increase just by having those aromas in the air. This can all be perfect for a scent marketing approach to business, and can help a business improve their ability to keep customers in-store and happy while they are browsing.

As for companies that use a specific fragrance in their lobbies or their stores, these noses help to create a memorable experience that plays a huge part in their branding. When customers smell these scents, they will remember that business. Aroma memory is a powerful experience, as you have probably heard in the past. Think of it like a nose “logo” – something that a business can make a part of their branding. When a customer walks into a hotel, they will smell this perfume, and remember the last time that they were in this hotel, even if it was a chain on the other side of the country. Aromatherapy diffusers provide a powerful experience and one that can do wonders for scent marketing purposes.

All this to say that businesses can and should be thinking about what they can do to make aroma a part of their marketing tactics. Fragrance machines make dispersing your signature aroma easy. Smell is a powerful sense – just as powerful as the other senses and it is easy to incorporate smell into your marketing tactics. Whether you choose a simple fragrance such as roasted coffee, fresh fruit such as green apple and orange, or you work with an aroma designer to come up with a signature scent that is all your own, you can help to create a powerful experience to work with your branding. Then, you can reap the benefits of scent marketing for your business and see why so many in the industry have jumped on the bandwagon when it comes to installing scent diffusers.

Source: Dimitri Galit, expert scent marketing