Branding MultiSenzorial

Branding MultiSenzorial – SENSORY BRANDING

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Our specialty is SENSORY BRANDING and we think of brands like human beings that perceive everything around through senses.

We believe in sensory branding as the ultimate brand engagement tool. Brands are indeed SENSORY DELIGHTS!

We are the creators of the concept branded space communication which means a special sensory experience of consumers with any  vivid iconic brand.

“Sensory experience” refers to how individuals react when a firm, in offering and delivering goods and services, participates in their purchase and consumption process through the involvement of the five human senses.

SMELL COLOUR. CHEMISTRY, ART AND SENSES offers us an original and radically different way of looking at the world through senses. Just as the colours of the visual spectrum can be organized according to the Pantone system, so the world of smells can be structured into a periodic table derived from chemistry.

Perfumers and aroma chemists communicate with one another in their own language, a lexicon of ‘olfactory notes’, in which each olfactory note is represented by a colour that helps the artist create the composition.

This system of classification, which combines scent, colour and art help brand creators appreciate the links within the world of perception and how the chemical combinations that we perceive as smells, colors or sounds can awaken us to new realms of sensation.